About Urja

Who We Are

URJA-Energy is the brainchild of Mrs Raka Singh. Raised and brought up in India, she holds a Master's degree in History from Miranda House, Delhi University. In 2013 she decided to channelize her efforts towards the betterment of the people of her hometown – Maharajganj.

Her vision is to get Maharajganj up to the 21st century. A believer in fundamental rights of mankind, she found many issues requiring her attention.

Strongly supported by her husband and children, she aims and hopes to change the face of Maharajganj, by exposing the population to the opportunities available in this world to everyone and to bring those opportunities to this impoverished and backward area of Uttar Pradesh.

On her team are her parents, Col V.N. Singh (retd.) and Mrs Kamal Singh. Also on her team are, Rana Pratap Singh, himself an activist who is widely involved in raising living standards in the area of Balrampur, bordering Nepal.