Solar Energy Project

In 2013, URJA-Energy was established to respond to the dire need for electricity in Maharajganj district in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

With the help of TERI (the Energy and Resources Institute), we were able to install 10 panels of the capacity of 1kw each. These were done in 7 villages and each panel provided 10 to 12 homes/businesses with 2 bulbs for a small fee. We guaranteed 8 hours of electricity each day for 11 months. The month of December in this region experiences fog and we are not able to provide full 8 hours. After 6 years these panels are still working well but the demand has increased to powering fans, fridges, TV etc. We need to find a solution. In the meantime the Government of India claims that all villages have been electrified; which may be the case, yet people come to us for their energy needs.

These vendors had no access to electricity till we provided it!

Their comment “ Now we can sell in the dark”

In January 2017 we were honoured by the visit of Professors Jean-Pascal van Ypersele and Martine Capron. Convinced of our efforts they have supported us Ever since..

We became more ambitious and decided to show by example our containerised solutions for our energy needs. On land donated to us and on funds donated by a sponsor we built our 21st Century Centre complete with local artisans and powered entirely on Solar Energy.

By 2019 we had used the containerised solutions at three venues: Siswa Bazaar URJA-Energy Centre Partapur village, in the fields to provide electricity to the huts, Rampur village in Gorakhpur to run our sanitary pad unit.