Goals and Objectives

URJA-Energy is a young NGO and in our short span we have worked with dedication towards meeting our goals.
To find out more about our achievements, please read below:

URJA aims to set up a ‘solar farm’ to help meet the energy requirements.
Solar panels have already been installed and are working in Maharajganj district.
We will take this further and provide electrification to 1200 villages.

URJA is also working towards empowerment of women and promoting women’s health.
One of the main goals was to remove the taboo surrounded around sanitary napkins.
Many young women in India are unaware of the uses and hygienic benefits of
sanitary pads. URJA’s project helps women by producing low cost sanitary napkins.

URJA is also in the process of setting up libraries in the Kasturba Gandhi Schools.
The libraries are functional and ready for use.
To maintain the libraries, two girls are given a stipend of 500 rupees each.

A silai school for women with the aid of USHA electronics has been set-up to train women in
basic vocational skills of stitching and starting their own businesses.

The URJA community centre is completed at Siswa Bazaar. The centre offers
internal support to the people as and when required.

Once these projects are completed, we will spread our vision further to other rural parts of India to do our part in empowering the people and granting them with basic necessities.
To meet our objectives we require the support of other socially motivated people.
Please visit our donation page to make your contribution in taking a step further towards a brighter future.